Quick Thoughts.

​I’m sitting at Plato’s Closet waiting for them to sift through my prego clothes and give me money for them (hopeful) and I’m determined to use my spare minutes to not simply scroll through my news feed…as of January 1st, 2017.  That being said, I recently found this blog 👉 http://club31women.com/first-30-minutes-determine-rest-day-2/ and I am a bit enamoured. I want to sit down over a rich cup of coffee with this fellow wife, mother and sister in Christ. The fact that she lives in the PNW shows me that obviously we were meant to be. Her writing is insightful, uplifting and REAL. Hallelujah for an honest, not afraid to speak truth, life is sometimes messy blogger. Her recent post on The first 30 minutes spoke some simple truth & this quote got me. 

 “In other words, how I begin my day is how they begin theirs.

Turning Our Hearts to God

So you’re saying that dutifully reading the Bible decides whether you’re going to have a good day or not?

No, I’m not saying that.

Duty doesn’t do it.

But worship? Adoration?Intentionally handing my day over to Him?

Yep. That does it.

Because when I begin the day by turning my heart to God and looking to Him for all I need I remember that we have everything necessary for whatever the day holds”

PS Plato’s Closet gave me $12 for some clothes and Gray slept the whole time so this day is basically a win ✌


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